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Aniphoill Creativeworks

Aniphoill Creativeworks was set up with the aim of developing new experimental and artistic techniques of animation for television and media houses and with a commitment towards exporting its work to the international market for a real high quality product

Aniphoill Creativeworks is a full-service creative organization that produces work for a variety of industries including TV, film, video games, advertising, and corporate explainer videos. Check out our demo reel!

We like to let our work speak for itself. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Additionally, Aniphoill Creativeworks creates animation in a wide spectrum of styles.


Aniphoill Creativeworks is one of the leading infographics and graphic design companies in Nigeria. We aim to dedicate ourselves to find the most visually stimulating techniques that will play an advanced role in conveying your message to the audience and imparting useful knowledge to them.

in animation

Aniphoill creates first class animation for films, television, advertising, and special projects. We merge passion, art and technology with the aim to light on a magic never seen before.

Our Graphic Designers

Our talented team at Aniphoill Creativeworks is devoted towards designing compelling and unique visuals, which will make the experience enjoyable for the audience. They are creative geniuses who go an extra mile in order to keep themselves ahead of our competitors by creating extra ordinary and visually compelling designs.


OUR EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY FOR YOUR SUCCESS! We work a little differently than some of the other firms. We have specialists whose sole responsibility lie in database programming, graphic designs and illustration. As each applicable portion of your website is completed and approved, we then put all the pieces together assuring seamless operation.

Our Wide Range of Services

With this view in mind, we aim to render a wide array of services to our clients starting from infographics, animated and motion graphics, 2D and 3D animations to website and graphic designs. We do this in tandem with the promotion of your explainer videos and infographics on various social media networking websites.


Our mission is to raise visual communicators and not just designers by serving as a catalyst to the growth and development of visual communication in Africa and the rest of the world. We do this by training young ones and adults of all skill levels; connecting, informing, educating and showcasing to them the newest digital technologies.


Aniphoill is an online platform that is passionate about the growth and development of visual communication in Africa and the rest of the world. We envision a future where ideas, values, stories, including African stories are communicated virtually in today’s evolving digital mediums. Aniphoill Creativeworks is a creative design company that dreams for a future where the linguistic barriers can be conquered by means of effective visual communication.

This will not only bring a positive change in the world but will also provide a new medium through which people around the globe can stay informed and educated.

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