what if there is a simple way to contact all those people?

Using the power of animated video is a great way to stand out above the competition. Presenting your idea by a video, would give you more chances of winning an investment


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Aniphoill is an online platform that is passionate about the growth and development of visual communication in Africa and the rest of the world. We envision a future where ideas, values, stories, including African stories are communicated virtually in today's evolving digital mediums.

Giving information virtually

Aniphoill Creativeworks is an international data visualization, explainer video creation, web, graphic and infographic design studio. We believe in communicating visually the message to make sure we deliver the message in the most effective possible way and leave our audience mesmerized with our creative designs

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Entrepreneurs often put their heart and soul into developing the perfect product. But even the best of products fail to become a success unless they are marketed well. The online world has opened up simple and impactful ways to market various products and services. Amongst the most effective ways nowadays to grab the attention of your target audience are good animated videos for your business.

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